Sunday, 3 February 2013

50 random things about me - part one

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and watching these as they have been doing the rounds on blogging sites and YouTube and thought as I am still a newbie in the blogging world it would be a nice way for those of you reading these ramblings of  mine to get to know me. So here it is, part one of 50 random things about me;

1. Autumn is my favourite although whatever season it is I always long for the the next one - winter when it's summer and summer when it's winter

2.  I love tomatoes of all kinds - tomato juice, sauce, soup, cherry, sunblushed....You get the idea

3. I still like to sleep with my childhood toy Snuffy

4. I love to squish my boyfriend's ears... so satisfying!

5. I am a Press Officer in real life

6. The name of this blog was inspired by an old friend of mine from university who would always explain how busy she was by whether or not she had had time for a daydream

7. I use to think 'going incognito' meant travelling in convoy

8. I am writing this whilst on a reunion with some of my best friends

9. Lollipop26 was the first YouTuber I ever watched

10. And it was a video comparing YSL Faux Cils mascara with L'Oreal's Voluminous mascara

11. Corrnwall is one of my favourite places in the UK

12. I hate having the main light on in any room - lamps are the way forward

13. I hate strawberry-flavoured anything but I love real strawberries 

14. When I was little I ate ladybirds 

15. I am a dog person

16. I like cheese

17. I have size three feet

18. Whenever I paint my nails without fail by the next day I will have peeled it all off

19. I would love to write an autobiography for Eminem 

20. I am a secret Eminem fan

21. I love Taylor Swift

22. I find the word condom very funny

23. I am 24 years old

24. I hate wearing black shoes

25. I am 5ft tall


  1. Condom is a funny word, lol!

    1. so true... I also feel the same about the word fanny... so immature! ha ha Thank you for the comment :) xxx

  2. Hey, doll, found your blog on #fbloggers, now am following you here :)
    I loved your blog the moment it loaded on my screen and now that I just read you love Eminem (and dogs! every one seems to be a cat person nowadays but me), I love your blog even more!! This is so sweet

    Lots of love

  3. and by the way, I am trying to follow you here but I don't find your google friend connect thingy? :(

    1. Ah thank you so much.... your comments have made my day!!!! :) :)

    2. PS I also need to work the Google friend connect thing out... x

    3. No Time For Day Dream can now be followed using Google Friend Connect!!!! YAY xxx